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Liquid Diet Plan for Weight loss and Detoxification

Liquid Diet Plan for Weight loss and Detoxification

23 April ,2018

Indian Liquid diet plan for weight loss . The word “Liquid diet “gets a lot of us to think of multiple things. If we talk in relation to weight loss, the word Liquid diet reminds some of detoxification, restricting calories and giving your gastrointestinal system some rest. Where in to some it may sound too harsh or they relate it with crash diet. The word “ Liquid diet “ may provoke a lot of thoughts in a healthy individual , but for someone suffering from Gastrointestinal disorders like crohn’s disease and ulcers , and for a pre and post operative individuals, it is of utmost importance.

Indication of Liquid diet plan

Although we mostly think of weight loss when it comes to liquid diets, but that is not all. There are a lot of clinical conditions where liquid diets are prescribed and they are really beneficial. Liquid diet can be advised for following clinical conditions.

  • Detoxification in healthy individuals.
  • During or after Panchkarma procedure. (A kind of detoxifying procedure in Ayurveda medicine)
  • Cancer of mouth, other teeth and gum related procedures and surgeries.
  • Crohn’s disease.
  • Throat cancer and other throat related disorders.
  • Esophageal cancer and other esophageal disorders like ulcers.
  • Stomach and other gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Pre and post operative cases.
  • Weight loss.

Benefits of Liquid diet plan

There are several benefits of this Indian Liquid diet plan for weight loss. here are a few to sum up.

  • It helps in providing rest to the gastric and intestinal organs.
  • It helps in retaining electrolyte balance.
  • Helps in maintaining Hydration.
  • it helps in providing some nutrition in people who are unable to intake solid foods due to any mouth, throat , esophagus related clinical issues.
  • It can be used as a transition phase for patients who were previously on RT feeds, and other tube feeds.
  • It helps in detoxification of the body by helping in washing out the excess toxins through increased urination.
  • It helps in restricting calorie intake and hence is beneficial in weight loss.

Side effects of liquid diet plan

Anything in excess is not good. Similarly this Indian liquid diet plan for weight loss when followed for a short duration is beneficial. Liquid diets are very low in calorie and hence not advisable to be followed for more than a week. It may cause weakness and fatigue in normal individual who are completely dependent on the liquids for their caloric intake.

Types of liquid diet plans

  • 1) Clear liquid diets
  • 2) Full liquid diet

Clear liquid diets

As the name suggests, a clear liquid diet is free of fragments of foods and fiber or any sort. These diet plans contains liquids such as plain water and broths which do not provide any residue or fiber and can be digested very easily. Clear liquid diet items are hence always strained before they can be consumed.

Following are some items that can be included in a clear liquid diet plan.

  • Water (plain, carbonated or flavored)
  • Strained coconut water
  • Gelatin water (strained)
  • Strained fruit juices (no pulp) (ex- orange , pineapple, sweet lime, melons etc )
  • Strained lemonades with sugar , salt and pepper
  • Black tea with or without lemon or peach flavored
  • Vegetable broths and consomme (veggies cut and boiled in water )
  • Strained vegetable juices Like that of cucumber , carrots and tomatoes
  • Sports drinks without preservatives
  • Ice pops and ice- creams (candy based ice cream without any cream and milk)

A full liquid diet plan or an indian liquid diet plan for weight loss can consist of items with or without fiber and residue. It is only the fluid consistency of item that matters. A full liquid diet is much more nutritious in comparison to a clear liquid diet and hence can be carried on for a longer time (not more than 10 days).

Liquid diet plan

Normally when on liquid diet , people follow the regular 3 or 4 meal pattern , but i would suggest to follow a 2 or 3 hourly pattern . That way the body can be provided with good nutrients and the calories can still be kept to a lower side. You can include a wide range of fluids through various flavors of soups, fruit juices, smoothies and protein shakes too. Given below is a compilation of a reference full liquid diet plan. This is an Indian liquid diet plan for weight loss.

Indian Liquid diet plan For weight loss

This Indian liquid diet plan for weight loss can be of good help for those who are obese or over weight. When any weight loss regime is followed for long, the body neutralizes its effect over a period of time, and the weight gets stable at some point. This is also referred as plateau effect. This Indian Liquid diet plan can serve as a plateau breaker for such people. This Indian liquid diet plan will provide rest to the Gastric system and change the body’s set routine. Once the routine is broken the body again starts reacting to the diet and exercises patterns and the weight again starts to go down.Please Note – Liquid diets are low in calories but at the same time they are not sufficient to full fill the calorie requirements in an individual. Hence it should be followed for a limited period of time to avoid weakness and deficiencies of nutrients.Here is a sample Indian Liquid diet plan for weight loss.

7.00 amWarm water with lemon1 glass—–
9.00 amApple and yogurt smoothie with walnut1 glass
( 250 ml )
11.00 amGreen Tea (use decaf , no added sugar )1 cup
(150 ml )
12.30 pmMung dal soup with lemon and corriender2 soup bowls150
1.30 pmButtermilk / chaas / solkadhi1 glass75
3.00 pmGreen Tea (use decaf , no added sugar )1 cup—-
5.00 pmOrange and sweet lime Juice (No added sugar )1 glass100
7.00 pmSalted lassi1 glass150
8.30 pmTomato and Carrot soup2 soup bowls150
9.30 pmwarm milk1 glass150
Bed timewarm water with lemon1glass—-
Total 1075


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